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Pelham Classic

pelham classic th

L-R: Ellen Oosthuizen, Leah Stewart, Jodi Moreno, Nothile Zondi
The Laddsworth A Athletics Team participated at the Pelham Classic Inter-Schools Meeting on Saturday, 02 September 2017.
A few members of the team did extremely well:
Jodi Moreno broke the Under 10 - 1200m record
Ellen Oosthuizen equaled the record for the Under 10 – High Jump
Nothile Zondi came first in Under 11 Shot Put
Leah Stewart came first in the Under 11 1200m


Laddsworth B Team excels at Northern Park Inter-Schools Athletics

northern park th

The Laddsworth B Athletics Team did extremely well at the Northern Park Inter-Schools Meeting on Saturday, 02 September in Pietermaritzburg.
Irie-Mae Bailey broke the Under 8 – 50m record.
Prizes and Certificates were awarded to the following pupils:
Sam Wessels : Under 7 – 75m
Irie-Mae Bailey : Under 7 – 75m
Isobel Armstrong : Under 10 – 1200m
Mark Conway : Under 12 - 1200m
Camryn Heafield : Under 13 – 1200m
Victrix Ludorum Under 11: Camryn Heafield

Well done to the Laddsworth team on their fine efforts.