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Laddsworth has the best parents

parents 1 thumb
Laddsworth Primary School hosted their annual Parent Appreciation Tea on the 12th November 2014, this event is held to thank our friends, parents and grandparents who go the extra mile.

If they stood side by side in a long line they would take up near on one kilometre in length, that says a lot about the support and commitment our Laddsworth parents show. We believe their care and generosity is a huge part of what makes Laddsworth the great school we believe it is.

Christmas collection for Siyabonga

siyabonga x-mas collection thumb copy
Pat Kanzler, who manages Siyabonga Aftercare Centre, was filled with appreciation for the generous collection of toys, stationery and toiletries by Laddsworth Primary School children. These items will help to make up Christmas gifts for children from Edendale and Imbali.