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About us

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Laddsworth is a unique school set in the heart of Hilton. It is a co-educational institution, with 550 pupils. We have a committed staff with a good balance of age and experience. Our aim is to make our school a place where all people feel welcome and valued a place of security and love.

Our dedicated staff ensure the best possible outcome for each child. Pupils at Laddsworth are given many opportunities as well as top-class education. They can enjoy a variety of sporting and cultural activities.

We are proud of our school and the achievements of our pupils. Become part of the Laddsworth family where we strive to "Aim High".

We offer class teaching of nine subjects at senior level, three of which are specialist disciplines. The latter are Music, Media and Computer Studies, to which an hour is devoted weekly. Laddsworth achieves solid academic results every year, with our leavers invariably gaining entry to the high schools of their choice. Our scholars compete academically with those from the Independent School system, and win a variety of scholarships to both State and Independent Senior Schools on a regular basis.

We have a compliment of 29 academic staff, of whom 4 are male. The presence of male staff has important benefits both in the classroom and for our sports programme. The staff are an unusual and interesting mix of long service and youthful innovation. The "longevity" of the more established members brings with it a sense of continuity for our scholars, and this is balanced by the vibrancy of new blood and new ideas.